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Hi and welcome to Joss Online Freedom !

My name is Joss NG and on this website I’ll be talking about all the things I do online.
I’m a 30 years old online marketer and I think that everybody can make a living online.
So why couldn’t you ?

We’ll mostly talk of affiliate marketing. Yes, I know, you’re going to say: “OK Joss, but what’s affiliate marketing?” 😀

Affiliate marketing is also called partnership marketing.
The principle of this technique is that affiliates or partners promote the products and services of other companies on their website in exchange for a commission.
As a result, in this business model, there are various possible remuneration models. However, these models are similar to those of performance advertising.

If you want to start making a living online, you’re at the right place!

Don’t hesitate to check my youtube channel and my free training section to get lots of products to launch your online business and I always have the best bonuses for you.

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