I’m an Entrepreneur ! About Me, Joss NG

Hi everyone ! My name is Joss NG, I’m 30 and I’m a French entrepreneur living in Paris.
As you know, Paris is kind of expensive, but I can live here because of my work as an Internet & Affiliate Marketer.

About Me Joss NG

Honestly, life is great now, but it wasn’t always like that.

I worked 6 years in the movie & game industry in France and United Kingdom.
It was fun at first (probably the first year at most), but quickly I understood that working for someone else wasn’t what I wanted in life. I had to do what they told me, show up early and leave late. Soon, my health started to decline.
I can assure you, when you’re in your early 20’s and your start to have health issues…They are a lot of thoughts coming in your mind.

Joss NG France

And you know what ? I was sick of getting sick for a minimum wage job, so I QUIT
It’s not easy to quit your job, especially when you don’t have a backup plan but god it felt good. For the first time, I had my life in my hands.

I immediately called one of my best friends who’s a marketer on facebook. He laught, because he knew I’d quit my job sooner or later ! And he offered me to work whith him and his associates.

I loved being an entrepreneur! don’t get me wrong, it’s hard! Really HARD at first, but when you’re an entrepreneur, you have all the possibilities in the world before you and you just have to take them.
So, that’s how I discovered entrepreneurship when I was 26. I learned so much during my first 2 years:
– How to create my website
– Creating my leads list
– Connecting with awesome people
– Make a living from it
– Use the social media
– …
The best part now, is that I can work anywhere in the world and style earn the same amount and I only need a laptop with internet.

Joss NG Entrepreneur

Why this website ?

I know life is not easy on everyone. At my lowest point, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep going or pay my food…
So I’d like to share whith everyone what I learned during these 4+ years. If you can learn from my mistakes and if you want to improve your life as I did, well, I have a ton of free content for you.

Feel Free to check my Youtube Channel.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Take Care.

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